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Meet Susan Lachance...

A visit to her impressive corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida and a personal meeting will be an instant affirmation of her ability to infuse everything she touches with her easy elegance, discerning taste, and scintillating sense of style. Born in England and educated in the United States, Susan developed a passion for interior design and quickly attained renown as a Fortune 500 designer before shifting her emphasis to residential design. A licensed interior designer and an active member of IIDA, Susan is the consummate professional with an unparalleled ability to combine furnishings from diverse cultures and historical periods into her stunning interiors. Her keen judgement, dynamic organizational skills, and decisiveness instill confidence. Continuity, consistency, and prudent and timely management are hallmarks of her prestigious firm. Total dedication to every facet of her personal and professional life have enabled her to guide her firm to the pinnacle of success. Call Susan Lachance Interior Design, Inc. to add your name to their distinguished list of satisfied clients.

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"Having worked on several very high end projects with Susan and her staff, I can say with no hesitation that they are a solid, very professional outfit, and a real pleasure to deal with. Susan has amazing taste, is very decisive and thorough, yet reasonable when issues come up with availability, integration or any of the thousands of things that can come up during the course of a project. She is extremely good with her clients, and makes sure that they are well cared for and happy with the outcome. I have a great deal of respect for her as a professional, business owner and, of course as a designer. All of her staff: Leanne, Andrea, Virginia, Whitney and Jerry are exceptionally great to deal with, as well. They are professional, responsive, really good at what they do, and I can honestly say I enjoy interacting with them. Every job has its own learning curve and its own challenges. Every job is a new opportunity to create something memorable and unique. I look forward to all of that with this group, every time. It's a pleasure and an honor to work with them, and produce some stunning results with a great team. I look forward to doing more work with them, and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the top level of design, client relationship, execution and satisfaction with the end result. If there were more than five stars available I would use them. I wish them the best success...but they make their own, regardless."
-Scott Lipp, Boca Raton, FL

"Susan and her team have been working with my family for more than 5 years. We have done 2 homes with them. They are above and beyond professional. They work with the best contractors and sub-contractors. I have never been disappointed with their timing or outcome. When I walk into my home it makes me smile-and my guests love what they see. As the next project comes up we will work with Susan and her team in a heart beat."
-Susan Emby

"My husband and I really weren't sure what we wanted. We basically gave our house to her for almost a year, and she transformed it."
-Caryn Gorman, Boca Raton, FL

"[The unveiling] was literally like walking into a dream. We'd seen all the fabric and everything, but when we saw it in person in the condo, it was so much more than anything we would've expected. I consider Susan a friend. If I was doing a house in Egypt, I would have her do it with me. If I had to do a house now that I wouldn't be able to see for two years, I would trust her with it. She and her staff are intelligent, and they know what they're doing. I hated to see the project end."
-Denise Webb, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

"We have pieces of furniture that belonged to my husband's grandparents, and other people tried to convince us that some of our stuff wouldn't work in the home, but Susan said, 'Tell me what you love and I'll make it work.' She wasn't looking to clean everything out and start over; she worked with a lot of what we had and enhanced it with newer pieces. It made the house very eclectic."
-Elise Udelson, Miami Beach, FL

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for her level of creativity, her attention to detail, how organized and efficient she is, and how respectful of time-both of others and her own-she is. If I were to purchase another home, I would, without a doubt, use Susan again. No one else compares."
-Elise Udelson, Miami Beach, FL

"[The process] was unbelievable. Every single time we would walk in during the process, there was something new and different in the house-and we just loved it. Susan did such a wonderful job and really listened to what we needed. It turned out better than we could have anticipated. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't walk into this house and say to each other, 'I love every single thing about it.'"
-Ellyn Penn, Boca Raton, FL

"[Susan] made my life easy. Her systems work...there was never a moment of tension or unhappiness. If there was a problem, she solved it. Probably the greatest compliment I can tell her is that my designer from Philly came down to Florida, and I was so afraid that she would be offended that I had not asked her to decorate my house down here. But she just walked in and said, 'If I lived down here, I would use your designer." She just loved Susan's work."
- Nadine Goldenberg, Boca Raton, FL

By Susan Lachance
Susan Lachance Interior Design, Inc.

Although it might seem to be just a matter of personal taste, practicing interior design is not just simply knowing how to match colors and fabrics and how to best arrange furniture. An interior designer is a professional who translates the needs and tastes of their client into a well-coordinated, attractive, comfortable, and functional environment. It is the designer's job to see that the environment satisfies their client, is within the client's budget, and provides good quality and value. To accomplish this a professional must approach an environment as a professional.

First the designer must be the researcher, getting to know not only the space, but how many people will use the space, what the needs and tastes of those people are, and how those needs are projected to change over the next few years.

Next, the designer thinks of all elements together-walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, and furnishings. To make them a cohesive whole, the designer must draw upon years of training and exposure to exciting interiors, as well as a thorough knowledge of the market. Knowing what products are available is terribly important, for no matter how great a plan might be, if the products don't exist at a price the client can afford, the design won't get off the drawing board. And product knowledge is more than finding the right look, it's also understanding the appropriateness of a product for a specific use.

Unlike salespeople, who are usually promoting a particular product, the designer's advice is unbiased.

Finally, a professional design firm is a business which can offer the client advantages not available to the individual consumer. Because design firms deal on a regular basis with showrooms, craftsmen and other sources, they enjoy a certain clout that makes it possible to request custom detailing, special finishes, and quick delivery schedules.

Planning with a skilled professional means getting an interior design that's tailored to your needs with products of the best quality and value your budget will allow. Planning with a professional means a professional approach with professional results.
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