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Metropolitan design is for those who want to keep pace with the latest styles and trends, influenced by modern interior design incorporating a flair for a non-cluttered traditional look. Basically, this design is more straight forward and direct. Working on a canvas of modern furniture designed to be touched and used everyday paired with a monochromatic color scheme, new fabrics and area rugs give a calming effect on the home. Rather than using a painting sometimes we design a more architectural look incorporating texture and custom wave designed panels to give a serene, Zen feeling. Metropolitan is the "classic" of tomorrow.

Interior designers are in the unique position of directing their clients into current trends that are running parallel to the times, introducing a new twist, in shape, color and texture yet still reminiscent of past eras. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or a metropolitan look and are hip and like to stay in tune with the latest styles, call Susan Lachance Interior Design to design or update your home or condo.